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At our College, academic excellence is our hallmark. Our rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, and innovative programs prepare students for future success and lifelong learning.

Scholarship Facility

Unlock your potential with our Scholarship Facility at our College. Empowering students through financial aid, fostering academic excellence, and shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

Skilled Lecturers

At our College, our skilled lecturers blend expertise and passion, delivering dynamic lessons that inspire, engage, and prepare students for success in their academic journey.

Book Library Facility

At our College, our Book Library Facility offers a vast collection of resources, providing students with academic support and a nurturing environment for learning and exploration.

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Salbari College

Salbari College was established on 14th of November in 1983 by the conscious educationists and guardians of the locality with mere public donations amidst their poor socio-economic conditions prevailing at that time. They took the bold step of starting the first ever Higher Educational Institute of the area for the benefits of the poor aspiring students of Greater Salbari area. They named it Salbari College for establishing the name of Salbari area in the Educational Map of Assam through its contribution to the Education field.

Principal Desk

Have ambitions and aims untrammeled and hard work, enthusiasm, resilience with knowledge and intellect would take you to any extent you desire. Respect to your teachers and college staff….