About the Department :

Currently the department of Economics has three full time permanent faculties-Dr. Gopesh Ch. Das, Mr. Dinesh Swargiary and Dr. Sankhang Basumatary. The department of economics in the college offers course as prescribed by the Bodoland University. The department of economics in the college is committed to fostering a deep understanding of economic principles and their real-world applications. The department offers both Major (Honours) and Regular courses in each and every semester. Students are offered a vast range opportunities for selection subjects or papers as per the National Education Policy of Govt. of India.  For getting admission in the department the students have to go through a selection process as notified by the principal of the college from time to time.  To increase the employability skills of the students the department arranges seminar and workshop time to time on different topics that are relevant to the students. The department of economics empowers students to analyze complex economic phenomena, develop critical thinking skills that contribute meaningfully to societal challenges. The department invites prominent personalities from different colleges and make an arrangement to acquire in-depth knowledge on events or topics related to our day-to-day life. Overall, the department of Economics equips students with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving global economy.

Missions :

  1. To make the students acquainted with the Economics subject.
  2. To remove the fear psychosis of risk taking in their individual business field.
  3. Guide to acquireknowledge of current economic scenario and providing career guidance to the students.

Vision of the Department :

To build Students as Social Assets.

Positive Aspects of Department :

  1. Classes are held regularly.
  2. Sudden test is taken in the classroom.
  3. Unit test are held twice in a year.
  4. Courses of the syllabus are covered within the academic calendar year.
  5. Online discussion with Honours students.

Academic profile of the faculties :

Name& DesignationNo. of O.P./R.C. AttendedNo. of paper published in JournalsNo. of paper published in edited books
Dr. Gopesh Ch. Das,Asst. Prof. (M.A, M. Phil, Ph.D, SLET.)  O.P.-01 R.C.-01ISSN-02ISBN-02
Dinesh Swargiary, Asst. Prof (M.A, M. Phill)NilNilNil
Dr. Sankhang Basumatary, Asst. Prof. (M.A,  M.Phil, Ph. D & NET)O.P.- 01 R.C.-01 FDP/STC-06ISSN-10ISBN-03

Departmental Activities :

Usually,the departmental meetings are held the commencement of the new session that is in the month of August and January. In this meeting the syllabus of courses (both for B.A.) are discussed, papers of various classes are distributed among the faculty members of the department,the routine of the department are also finalized and tentative dates of the departmental seminars are scheduled.Moreover, the attention of the faculty members is also drawn to other relevant matters. Normally two to three departmental meetings are held in anacademic session.


The Dept. not only follows the Black Board method of teaching but also other devices like Seminars, Panel Discussions, Google Classroom,open house discussion etc. These tools are also held in order to enhance knowledge to the students. The activities, other than the class room teaching are being performed by An Association of the Dept.


Through regular tutorials, Home Assignments and Sessional Examinations, the knowledge of the students isresolved and accordingly they are advised to prepare for the Final Examination. All the records of tutorials, Home Assignments and Sessional Examinations are preserved and analysed in the department.


Sl. No.Name of eminent litterateurDesignation  
1Mr. Ritul TalukdarAssistant Prof, BH College, Howly.
2Dr. Samiran SarmaAsst. Prof., BhawanipurAnchalik College
3Dr.BikashBhatacharjeAsst. Prof. of Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikachi  
4Dr. Amalesh DuttaAssociate Prof., BhawanipurAnchalik College


Prior to 2022there was no library in the dept. of its own. However, from the year 2023 a departmental library was commenced. The library contains more than 113(one hundred thirteen) books at present. The books are donated by the students of the dept. of economics and all the faculties of the department and Dinesh Swargiary is the in-charge of departmental library. He is assisted byDr. Sankhang Basumatary, Faculty member of the Department.


Mentoring of the students is our top priority. Each teacher takes keen interest to mentor the students under their charge. Teacher-student mentoring is a regular feature but we also promote student mentoring.


For counseling and guidance outside the classrooms, the student of the first semester class have been divided into two groups and each group has been assigned to a teacher for mentoring. The mentor-teacher will look after and monitor the progress of his or her group and provide solutions to their academic problems. The mentor and the groups have been mentioned below.

Name of Mentor and Mentees-2018—2023
Department of Economics
Salbari College, Salbari
Name of Mentor –Dr. Gopesh Ch. Das

Sl. No.       Roll No.          Name of Mentee  SemesterBatch
1UA1714080180FungbiliGoyary,  ST(P)2nd to 6th2017-2019
2UA1714080215Pankaj Brahma,   ST(P)2nd to 6th2017-2019
3UA1814080137Tora Daimary,      ST(P)1st to 6th2018-2020
4UA1814080049Joba Basumatary, ST(P)1st to 6th2018-2020
5UA1914080016Rima Rani Baro,    ST(P)2nd to 6th2019-2021
UA1914080317ManalishaSwargiary, ST(P)2nd to 6th2019-2021
7UG129A210020Amal Baro,  ST(P)1st to 6th2021- ongoing
8UG129A210042Anshumi Basumatary1st to 6th2021- ongoing
9UG129A220028Md. Hamidul Islam, (G)2nd to 6th2022-ongoing
10UG129A220061Chimi Das, (G)2nd to 6th2022-ongoing
11UG129A230038Raja Baro,  ST(P)1st to 2nd2023-ongoing
12UG129A230419Tridisha Kalita, (G)1st to 2nd2023-ongoing

Name of Mentor and Mentees-2018—2023
Department of Economics
Salbari College, Salbari
Name of Mentor – Dinesh Swargiary

Sl. No.Roll No.(class)Name of MenteeClassBatch
156NubulNarazary1ST – 6th2018-2020
259UshaBaro1ST – 6th2018-2020
350BritikaNarzary1ST – 6th2019-2021
452ChandanaBasumatary1ST – 6th2019-2021
560SujumaGayary1ST – 6th2020-2022
420MinashriBaro1ST – 6th2022-2024
701AkashBaro2nd -6th2022-2024
812Amit Basumatary1ST – 6th2023-2025

Name of Mentor and Mentees-2018—2023
Department of Economics
Salbari College, Salbari
Name of Mentor –Dr. SankhangBasumatary

Sl. No.Roll No.(Class)             Name of MenteeSemesterBatch
326AsminaParbin3rd -6th2018-2019
4344HimangsuBaro3rd -6th2018-2019
5176Hirimbo Brahma5th -6th2018-2019
68AnsumaSwargiary1st -6th2019-2020
7121SankarBasumatary3rd -6th2019-2020
879MithisarBaro3rd -6th2019-2020
9107KatindraDaimary1st -6th2020-2021
10480BijoyDaimary1st -6th2020-2021
1155MayuriSwargiary1st -6th2022-2023
12101PintulalGayary1st -6th2022-2023
1333MinishriBoro1st -6th2022-2023
1408Chita Basumatary2nd -6th2023-2024
1526NitishDaimary2nd -6th2023-2024

The students contact their respective teacher for all necessary help, suggestion etc. and the teacher concerned have respond positively.
There is provision of publication of yearly Wall Magazine “ESSENCE.”The articles are contributed by the departmental teachers and students. Thus, it is expected to maintain a good and favorable environment suited for best possible development of all students.


From the very inception of the college a lot of students from different places of the locality are graduated from this institution taking Economics as major subjects as well as general. A good number of alumni of the department are holding a good status in the society economically, socially and politically. The present status of a few numbers of alumni of the department who are in easy reach are mentioned below:

Sl. No.NamePresent StatusPhone No
1Dhaniram BasumataryTeacher, LP school9957640123
2Derhasar BasumataryAsst. Prof.,K.C. College,Hazuwa8474046646
3AnsumaSwargiaryCommando Battalion, Assam Police6002748788
4SujumaGoyariM. A, Under Bodoland University6900014286
5Fungkha BasumataryTeacher, LP school8822665078
6Manisha RamchiaryM.A, Under KKHU6002748788
7Hirimbo Brahma M.A. from Bodoland University9401405060
8Pranjit BaroM.A. from Bodoland University6000909327
9Tora DaimaryCompleted B.Ed.9954739346
10Birswn NarzaryM.A. from Bodoland University


Generally, most of the students, admitted in our college are weak in merits. Students of better results in H.S.L.C. & AHSEC exams go outside for studying science, commerce and other professional courses. Exceptionally sometimes in some academic session, we get some meritorious students. We, therefore, pay sincere attention to the weaker students of the department. The areas in which we pay attentions are-

  1. Supplyall the necessary booksto them for the whole of the session from the departmental library.
  2. Regular personal connection outside class room is also made.
  3. Special coaching is also provided to the subject as when needed.


StrengthGood faculty
WeaknessFinancially poor students
OpportunitiesTo open PG Course
ConstraintsLack of well-equipped library
Future PlanToorganize Lecture Programme, National level Seminar & Workshop etc.

To increase the no. of books of departmental library.

To Serve at Feeder schools by taking classes so that brilliant students are enrolled in Economics department of the college.


  1. Wall Magazine “ESSENCE” Inaugurated by the Principal

Dr. Gopesh Ch. Das

M.A. (Pune University), SLET, M.Phil. (VMU) & PhD (SU, Rajasthan)

Assistant Professor & Head

Dinesh Swargiary

M.A. (Kanpur University) & M.Phil. (VMU)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sankhang Basumatary

M.A. (University of Pune), M.Phil. (VMU), Ph.D. (Bodoland University)

Assistant Professor

Course TypeSeat Capacity
Sl. NoTeaching PlanLink
1Economics Teaching plan since 2018-19view




Notable Alumni

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