Department of Assamesee at a glance

Salbari College, Salbari, was established on 14th of November in 1983 by the conscious educationists and guardians of the locality with a few publication donations amidst their poor socio-economic conditions prevailing at that time. They took the bold step of starting the first ever Higher Education Institute of the area for the benefits of the poor aspiring students of greater Salbari area. They named it ‘Salbari College’ with a view to establish the name of Salbari in the educational map of Assam through its contribution to the educational field. The college opened undergraduate courses in 1986 and was affiliated to Gauhati University. It was then bifurcated into two separate entitles in 1997. In the same year, the one which retained the nomenclature ‘SALBARI COLLEGE’ was shifted to its own permanent campus. Since then, the college has been running undergraduate courses under Gauhati University and presently as per provision under section 5(1) & 5(2) of bodoland University Act, 2009 and Govt. underNo. AHE, 156/2020/19 dated 2ndJuly 2020 and the dicision of the executive Council vide resolution No. 18 dated 29/04/2022the Salbari College, Salbari Baksa BTC(Assam) has been accorded Subject Affiliation under Bodoland University.
The exquisite campus of Salbari College is spread over 28 bighass and 17 lessas of land. The College has earned a remarkable reputation in teaching Humanities over the past few years. It was registered under Section 2 (f) and 12 (B) of UGC Act, 1956 vide notification No. 8-371/2006 (CP) and obtained Govt. concurrence and certificate by ASHE (All India Survey of Higher Education).
The College has gloriously completed 3 decades since its foundation and has developed computing facility, Internet connectivity, a dedicated power supply system and a relatively small but rich library housing a gigantic collection of books and journals.
The college was brought under the purview of provincialization in 2013 under the ‘The Assam Venture Educational Institution Provincialization (provincialization of Services) Act, 2011 and 2012 as amended.
The college is located at Salbari opposite to SDO (C) office which is in the heart of Salbari Sub-Division in the District of Baksa (Erstwhile Barpeta) in Bodoland Territorial Regions of Assam and at the feet of world famous heritage site Manas National Park. The very location belongs to TSP (Tribal Sub Plan) area. It is about 10km. south from the IndoBhutan Border and 25kms to the North from the No. 31 National Highway. The college is well connected by public transport.


The Degree Course was started in the college in same year of establishing under Gauhati University.


The college came under deficit Grants-in-aid (G.I.A.) with effect from 01-01-2009 and it is provincialized under state government in 2013.


The Department of Assamese was established at the very establishment of the college i.e. in 1983.


The pass course under Gauhati University level was introduced in 1983 and the major course in the subject was started in Assamese.
In the initial stage the department was managed by Dr.Nitumani Das who was appointed in 12/08/2002as lecturer, who happened to be the Founder of the Department. Right now, she is working as a Head of the Department. In 2002, Dr. Harish Das was duly appointed as a lecturer in the department in 20/09/2002. Mrs. Meena Kakati was appointed as thethird lecturer in the Department in 28/12/2005. Mrs. Narmada Basumatary was appointed as thefourth lecturer in the Department in 25/10/2010.


Associate ProfessorsNillNill
Assistant Pofessor0404
Tutor Assistant PofessorNilNil


NameQualificationdesignationSpecializationNo. of Years of experienceNo. of  Ph.D Students guided for the last 4 years
Dr. Nitumani DasM.A, M. Phil, Ph.D, NETAsstt. Prof.Language21YrsNil
Dr. Harish DasM.A, M. Phil, Ph.D, NETAsstt. Prof.Literature21YrsNil
Mrs. MeenaM.A, M.Phil,Asstt. Prof.Literature17YrsNil


Serial No.& Name of the facultyNo. of papers in Journal/Book in National Level with ISSN/ISBN No.No. of papers in peer reviewed journalin National LevelNo. of papers in peer reviewed journal in International LevelNo. of papersin Care listed journalChapter in BooksBookswith ISSN/ISB No. with details of publishers
Dr. Nitumani DasISSN-3 ISBN-5 NilNilNilNil
Dr. Harish DasISSN–03 ISBN–030101NilNilNil
Mrs. Meena KakatiISSN-02 ISBN-05NilNilNilNilNil
Mrs. Narmada BasumataryISBN-02NilNilNilNilNil


Sl. No.Name of facultyDETAILS OF RC/OC/PHD/MPHIL
OP/RCSTCPh. DM. PhilOthers
1Dr. NitumanOP-01 HRDC, GU,21/08/2017 to 17/09/2017 RC    –01    HRDC    GU 03/09/2023to23/09/2023 Two week FDPHRDC ,GU,      17/02/2020     to 1/03/2020STC/FDP-3Ph.D from Gauhati UniversityM.Phil from Globel Open University, NagalandNil
2Dr. Harish DasOP 5th OP 04/03/2011 to 31/03/2011            NBU, Darjeelingand34thOP 05/06/2018 to 02/07/2018 RCHRDC-GUfrom 14/09/2016 to 04/10/2016RCHRDC-GUfrom 17/02/2020to01/03/2020STC/ FDP- 6Ph.D from Singhania University Topic Name; A Critical Studyon Barpētiyā dialect: A Regional dialect of Assamese LanguageM.Phil from Vinayaka Mission UniversityNill
 3Mrs. Meena KakatiOP-HRDC-GU,OP-110 from      19/01/2017             to 15/02/2017 RC-HRDC-GU,                                from 20/10/2011 to 09/11/2011 RC         HRDC-GU,from 03/09/2018 to 23/09/2018 RC-HRDC-GU, 17/02/2020to01/03/2020STC/ FDP -02NilM.Phil from Vinayaka Mission University Nil
 4Mrs. Narmada BasumataryOP-Nil RC-Nil STC/ FDP -01Nil Nil Nil

Apart from this, all the faculty members of the Dept. of Assamese are engaged in several other activities of the institution when they are assigned the duties to perform by the college authority.
Thepassionate teachers of the Dept. have been bestowing a great deal of valuable instructions to the students both of major and general courses in Assamese. All the faculty members of the Dept. are performing their duties with great enthusiasm.


Usually, first meeting of the Dept.wasissued to held in the month of August, every year i.e. before the commencement of the new session of the college before the introduction of Semester system in Degree course. But since 2018-19 the said meeting has been held in the month ofAugust and January. In the said meeting the syllabuses of courses (both for B.A.) are discussed. In the same meeting papers of various classes are distributed among the faculty members of the Department. The routine of the Dept. is also finalized in that sitting. Moreover the attention of the faculty members is also drawn to other relevant matters. Normally two to three sitting are held in a session.


The Dept. not only follows the Black Board method of teaching but also other devices like Seminars, Panel Discussions, Google Classroom,open house discussion etc. These tools are also held in order to spread knowledge to the students on some topics. These activities, other than the class room teaching are being performed by An Association of the Dept.


Through regular tutorials, Home Assignments and Sessional Examinations, the knowledge of the students areresolved and accordingly they are advised to prepare for the Final Examination. All the records of tutorials, Home Assignments and Sessional Examinations are preserved and analysed in the Dept.


Sl. No.Nameofeminent litterateurDesignation
1Dr. Kalpana BoishyaAssociate Prof, BHB College, Sarupeta.
2Mrs. Parameswari DasAsst. Prof. of Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikachi
3Dr. Himani HaloiAsst. Prof. of Gyanpeeth Degree College, Nikachi
4Dr. Saroj Ch. DasAssociate Prof. of BB Kishan College, Jalah
5Mr. Manabendra DasAsst. Prof. of Manikpur Anchalik. College, Manikpur
6Dr. Ratul PathakAsst. Prof, Manikpur Anchalik College, Manikpur


Name       of                 the Course/programmeYearApplications receivedSelectedEnrolledPass Percentage
B.A. (Major)2018-19Major3524121281%
B.A. (General)MIL- 70MIL-664930 
B.A. (General)MIL- 75724230 
ASL- 2014050985%
B.A. (Major)2020-21Major-4225111492%
B.A. (General)MIL- 20201505 
B.A. (Major)2021-22Major-452812166thSem
B.A. (General)ASL- 20180909 
B.A. (Major)2022-23Major-816533324thSem
B.A. (General)Minor-20191009 
*M=Male *F=Female


Through regular tutorials, Home Assignments and Sessional Examinations, the knowledge of the students areresolved and accordingly they are advised to prepare for the Final Examination. All the records of tutorials, Home Assignments and Sessional Examinations are preserved and analysed in the Dept.


Mentoring of the students is our top priority. Each teacher takes keen interest to mentor students under their charge. Teacher-student mentoring is a regular feature but wealso promote student mentoring.


For counseling and guidance outside the classrooms, the student of the first semester class have been divided into two groups and each group has been assigned to a teacher for mentoring. The mentor-teacher will look after and monitor the progress of his or her group and provide solutions to their academic problems. The mentor and the groups have been mentioned below.

1. Dr. Nitumani Das

Sl. No.Name of MenteeRoll NoClass(Duration)Batch
01Bhabesh DasUA17140801661st to 6th Sem2017-18
02SwapnaDasUA17140802551st to 6th Sem2017-18
03Phulmani DasUA18140802561st to 6th Sem2018-19
04DipanjaliNathUA18140800301st to 6th Sem2018-19
05JunumaDasUA19140802561st to 6th Sem2019-20
06HirokJyotiSutradharUA19140802401st to 6th Sem2019-20
07JyotishDasUG129A201761st to 6th Sem2020-21
08HiramaniDasUG129A201471st to 6th Sem2020-21
09Nabajit DasUG129A2102826th sem2021-22
10BishnuDasUG129A2100946th sem2021-22
11SunitaDasUG129A2202634th Sem2022-23
12GobindaDasUG129A2200834th Sem2022-23
13JintumaniNathUG129A2301662nd Sem2023-24
14Anamika DasUG129A2300162nd Sem2023-24

2. Dr. Harish Das

Sl. No.Name of MenteeRoll NoClass(Duration)Batch
01Jaganath DasUA17140801861st to 6th Sem2017-18
02Saurav SenUA17140802391st to 6th Sem2017-18
03Manab DasUA18140800861st to 6th Sem2018-19
04Daiji DasUA19140802201st to 6th Sem2019-20
05Sangeeta NathUA19140803291st to 6th Sem2019-20
06Bhanita DasUG129A2000371st to 6th Sem2020-21
07Jonmani NathUG129A2101896th sem2021-22
08Junumani DasUG129A2101896th sem2021-22
09Bachitta BasumataryUG129A2200244th Sem2022-23
10Jayshree DasUG129A2201054th sem2022-23
11Dayal BaraikUG129A2300902nd Sem2023-24
12Ranjan UrangUG129A2303162nd Sem2023-24

3. Mrs. Meena Kakati

Sl. No.Name of MenteeRoll NoClass(Duration)Batch
01Jitu SutradharUA17140801811st to 6th Sem2017-18
02Dharitri DasUA17140800141st to 6th Sem2017-18
03Jamsh BasumataryUA18140800471st to 6th Sem2018-19
04Archana ChakrabartyUA18140800061st to 6th Sem2018-19
05Rakesh MahanayakUA19140803071st to 6th Sem2019-20
06Bikash SutradharUA19140802031st to 6th Sem2019-20
07Priya ModakUG129A203091st to 6th Sem2020-21
08Jyotsna DasUG129A201771st to 6th Sem2020-21
09Mandeep NathUG129A2104626th Sem2021-22
10Sukhmanti BaraikUG129A2102724th sem2021-22
11Anjumani DasUG129A2200144th Sem2022-23
12Dhirasri DasUG129A2200694th Sem2022-23
13Tarali DasUG129A2304162nd Sem2023-24
14Minakshi DasUG129A2302262nd Sem2023-24

3. Mrs. Narmada Basumatary

Sl. No.Name of MenteeRoll NoClass(Duration)Batch
01Moni GoyaryUA17140802091st to 6th Sem2017-18
02Saniya BaroUA17140802481st to 6thSem2017-18
03Karabi DasUA18140800561st to 6th Sem2018-19
04Jaymati BasumataryUA18140800461st to 6th Sem2018-19
05Kabita DasUA1914082561st to 6th Sem2019-20
06Jahnabi DasUA1914082461st to 6th Sem2019-20
07Monirul IslamUG129A202201st to 6th Sem2020-21
08Monirul HoqueUG129A202131st to 6th Sem2020-21
09Bandana DasUG129A2100556th Sem2021-22
10Sagarika SutradharUG129A2202264th sem2022-23
11Manalisha DasUG129A2201494th Sem2022-23
12Lipika DasUG129A2301952nd Sem2023-24
13Rupam TirkeyUG129A2303472nd Sem2023-24

The students may contact their respective teacher for all necessary help, suggestion etc. and the teacher concerned will respond positively.
There is provision of publication of yearly Wall Magazine “MANIKANCHAN” and by the articles contributed by the departmental teachers and students. Thus it is expected to maintain a good and favorable environment suited for best possible development of all students.


From the very inception of the college a lot of students from different places of the locality are graduated from this institution taking Assamese as Major subjects as well as General. A good number of alumni of the department are holding a good status in the society economically, socially and politically. But, due to the gap of communication, it is not possible to keep records of present status of each and every alumnus. The present statuses of a few numbers of alumni of the department who are in easy reach are mentioned below:

Sl. No.NamePresentStatusPhoneNo
1Deepamani DasTeacher LP school 
2Mitali DasCRPF6000968113
3Mintu TalukderCRPF7086540073
4Madhab SutradharAsst. Professor, Thamna Anchalik College8638809850
5Golak DasBusinessman8761900592
6Ranjit MandalCRPF 
7Pampy DasCISF9101767847
8Jemsh BasumataryBusinessman 
9Pranjal SutradharCRPF7002454791
10Junuma DasBA Passed6001143754
11Jitu SutradharSSB9401819317
12Devid PathakAPBn9394143069
13Sanjit SutradharBussinessman9101800596
14Krishna SutradharNews reporter7099211896
15Bhabesh DasBSF6000755693
16Sabita SutradharGNM(Medical)8638334428
17Pampi DasDLEd6000859138
18Harshajit DasAsst.Professor(Bed College)8011107882
19Dipika DasMA Passed9954595083
20Kishok TalukderCRPF9365250346
21Mitali DasCRPF9678895641
22Phulmani DasDlEd7099413675
23Dharitri DasMA Passed7638067016
24Harinarayan DasBA passed9678970311
25Harshajit DasMA Assamese (Double)8011107882
26Rupam DasBSF7099704434
27Chaya BasumataryMA Passed7002566897


Generally most of the students, admitted in our college are weak in merits. Students of better results in H.S.L.C. & AHSEC. exams go outside for studying science, commerce and other professional courses. Exceptionally sometimes in some academic session, we get some meritorious students. We, therefore, pay sincere attention to the weaker students of the dept. The areas in which we pay attentions are-

  1. Supply more books(at least four) to them for the whole of the session from the departmental library.
  2. Regular personal connection outside class room is also made.
  3. Special coaching is also provided regularly.


  1. The teachers and students participate in various ISR & extension activities of the college. The teachers are members of the various committees & cells for different activities organized as a part of social responsibility by the college. Students also have an active participation in all such activities.
  2. Dr. Nitumani Das was appointed as Asstt. Officer In-Charge of Degree Semester Examinations organized by the affiliating University at college campus.
  3. Mrs. Meena Kakati is appointed as a convenor of Career Counseling Cell of the college.
  4. Mrs. Narmada Basumatary has been performing her duties as Faculty member of the Department.


  1. Dr. Nitumani Das- Dr. Das, M.A, M.Phil (NET) is the Head of the Dept. She is energetic and active member of the faculty. She has completed M.Phil degree in the year 2010 in Assamese on the dissertation “Uttar Bajāli Anchalar Lōk Utsav” under Rajib Gandhi University and also completed UGC NET in 2013 and Ph.D degree on the Topic “Brihattar Bajali Anchalar Aitijya Aru Sanskriti” in 2024.She guides the students not only in the class room but also in extra-curricular activities. She attended one Refresher Course, one Orientation course and two Short term courses.
  2. Dr. Harish Das- Dr. Das, M.A.,M. Phil, is the second senior Professor of the Deptt. He is a dedicated teacher. Dr. Das has been able to guide the students in proper ways. He has completed M.Phil degree in the year 2009 in English on the dissertation “Blending of Romance And Realism In Shakespearean Comedy” under Vinayaka Mission University. He has also obtained an UGC NET degree in 2001andPh.DdegreeontheTopic“A Critical Study on BarpetiaDialect : A regional Dialect of Assamese language” in 2016.He attended two refresher courses, two orientation courses and six short term courses.
  3. Mrs. Meena Kakati- Mrs. Kakati is the Assistant Prof. of the Dept. She is energetic and active member of the faculty.She has completed M.Phil degree inthe year 2010 in English on the dissertation “Mulk Raj Anand as a delineatorof Indian Social life: a selective study” under Vinayaka Mission University. She attended Three Refresher Course, one Orientation course and one Refresher course and four Short term courses.
  4. Mrs. Narmada Basumatary- Mrs. Basumatary is the Assistant Prof. of the Dept.She is energetic and active member of the faculty. She guides the students not only in the class room but also in extra-curricular activities.


StrengthGood faculty
WeaknessFinancially poor students
OpportunitiesTo open PG Course
ConstraintsLack of well-equipped laboratory
Future PlanTo organize Lecture Programme, National level Seminar & Workshop etc.
To increase the no. of books of departmental library.
To Serve at Feeder schools by taking classes so that brilliant students are Enrolled in Assamese department of our college


Wall Magazine “Manikanchan” Inauguration by Principal

Dr. Nitumani Das

M.A. & Ph.D. (GU)

Assistant Professor & Head

Dr. Harish Das

M.A. (GU), NET, M.Phil. (VMU), & Ph.D. (SU, Rajasthan)

Assistant Professor

Meena Kakati

M.A. (GU), SET, M.Phil. (VMU)

Assistant Professor

Narmada Basumatary

M.A. (GU), NET

Assistant Professor

Course TypeSeat Capacity
Sl. NoTeaching PlanLink
1TEACHING PLAN 2nd, 4th & 6th CBCSview
2TEACHING PLAN 1st,3rd& 5th CBCSview
3TEACHING PLAN 2018-19 Gauhati universityview
4Teaching Plan NEPview




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