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Course offered

  1. Three years B.A.
    (Last Badge: July, 2022-23 Academic Session)
    Course Structure : Major & Regular
  2. Four Years B.A. (NEP-2020)
    (From July, 2023-24 Academic Session)
    Course Structure: Major & Honours
  3. Four Years B.Sc. (Major & Honours)
    (From July, 2023-24 Academic Session)
    Course Structure: Major & Honours
  4. Certificate Courses


  1. Students opting Honours in English (known as Core Course) must opt either Bodo/ Assamese Communication subject as AECC-I (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course).
  2. Students opting Honours in the subjects other than English must opt English Communication subject as AECC-I.
  3. In addition to Honours and AECC-I subject every Honours student must choose one more elective subject known as GE-I (Generic Elective).


  1. Students of Regular Course (not opting Honours Course) have to study English – I (compulsory), AECC-I (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course) and two elective subjects known as DSC-I and DSC-II (DSC means Discipline Specific Core Course).
  2. Students of Regular Course are not allowed to opt more than one Language subject as DSC.
  3. Students opting Regular Course in English or opting English as DSC-I must opt either Bodo/Assamese Communication subject as AECC-I and vice versa.


1.Honours Subjects     GE-I
2.Assamese : Economics/Education/History/Philosophy/Political Science
3.Bodo : Economics/Education/History/Philosophy
4.Economics :  Assamese/Bodo/Education/History/Philosophy/Political Science
5.Education :  Assamese/Bodo/Economics/History
6.English : Economics/History/Philosophy/Political Science
7.History : Assamese/Bodo/Economics/Education/Philosophy/Political Science
8.Philosophy : Assamese/Bodo/Economics/Education/Political Science.
9.Political Science : Economics/Education/History/Philosophy
N.B.- Every Honours or Regular Course student must choose their respective Honours subject, GE-I subject,DSC-I subject and DSC-II subjects from the pool of subjects.
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