Dr. Dulen Basumatary

Assistant Professor, Department of History

Email- dulenbasumatary@gmail.com,
Phone.: 7002536872, 9435001247
Date of Joining : 12.08.2002


  • PhD. Singhania University, 2013, Rajasthan, India.
  • MPhil. Vinayaka Missions University, 2009.
  • MA. University of Delhi (Specialization in Ancient India), 2002.
  • BA. Gauhati University (History), 1999.
  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management.

2.Present Positions

  • Assistant Professor and  Head of the Department of History
  • Vice-Principal of the College.
  • Academic In-Charge and looks after daily classes.
  • Looks into the matter of Salbari College Students’ Union as in-charge of it.
  • Worked as Co-Ordinator of IQAC and Planning Cell.
  • Worked as Co-Ordinator of Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL), Gauhati University.
  • Ex-Officio Governing Body Member.
  • Act as Chief Election Commissioner to the election of College Students Union.

3.Courses & Programs Attended

Sl.noProgramVenueDuration (Days)Date
135th OPNBU2804 Sept -1 Oct/2018
2National SeminarSalbari College26/7 Nov, 2011
3doMadhya Kamrup College229/30 Oct.2011
4doGirls’ College, kok26/7 Feb, 2012
5doBHB college23/4 Aug/2012
6doSalbari College218/19, Aug, 2012
7Work ShopUGC, GU230, 31 March,2014
8International SeminarGossaigaon College34/5/6 Feb 2015
9IQACSalbari college 15/3/2015
10National SeminarBengtol College120 Sep/2016
11Work shopE ICT74-9 March, 2019
12Work shopBhawanipur A College218/19 June,2019
13Teacher trainingUGC38-10 Aug,2019
14National WebinarHabraghatMahavidyalaya127 Aug/2020
15National SeminarBU127 Aug,2019
16Work shopBU1416-29 Nov,2019
17Work shopCIT, Kokrajhar713-17 Jan, 2020
18Work shopE&ICT727-31 Jan,2020
19FDPGirls’ College, Kokraajhar1417 feb-1 Mar,2020
20FDPIQAC, Salbari College722-27 Mar,2021

4.Area of Interest

Area of interest lies chiefly with History. Ethnic problems relating to the contemporary ethnicity mainly in North-East region is an area of great attraction. Understanding of issues regarding biodiversity and sustaining a suave environment for sustainable development has been another major field envisioned for. But to be more frank, contemporary issues on diverse fieldsfind its hamper of thinking.

5.Research Activities

Professional qualification related research experience in hand. Till now published six research articles in various National and International Research Journalon ethnic issues, which is dominant area of interest? Have published one book namely Geneses of Bodoland Movement.

6.Publication Detail Research Articles

Sl noTopicISSN/ISBNYear
1Ethnicity: The pivot of Bodoland MovementJJSS/ISSN 2231-4636, vol-1 No-3July-Sept/2011
2Land Alienation and Bodoland MovementIJSS/ISSN 2231-2447, Vol-1 No2Aug, 2011
3Language policy of Assam GovtRAE/ISSN 0975-3486, Vol 4 Issue 37Oct 2012
4Assam Movement and Its impactSSAM/ISSN 0974-2832, Vol IV Issue 45Oct,2012
5Armed Organizations and Bodoland Movement in Assam: A Retrospective Historical Analysis of Issues and Prospect  IJRAR October 2018, Volume 5, Issue 4 www.ijrar.org (E-ISSN 2348-1269, P- ISSN 2349-5138)  October 2018  
6Roman Script Movement of Bodos in Assam: Transition of Hopes and despairGRMJ/ISSN 2249-300X, 3oth Issue  Aug 2019
7सोदोनस्रिनि देरहानायनि सिथ्लायाव महामारिनि भावथिनाCovid-19/ISBN 978-93-5416-667-8Nov, 2020
8Ethnic Identity of Bodos and Demand of statehoodISBN:978-93-89940-14-5Feb, 2020
9Ethnic Question : The Bodos and Their FutureJournal of Bodo Department, Salbari College ISBN:978-81-955687-7-22021-22

7.Publication Detail (Books)

1.Geneses of Bodoland Movement: A Movement of Self-Determination of Bodo people in Assam.978-93-94509-04-72022
2.Gwthaisali (short Story)978-93-94509-05-42022

8.My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching style can be described in two words: interesting and open. I firmly believe that students learn the most when they are intellectually inspired and when they feel free to think and express themselves. The classes should be interesting to students not by making it easy, but making it more challenging with concepts and theories, and linking them back to real events to make them relevant and meaningful to their everyday lives.I belief that teachers are mentor, deliberator and leader. As William Arthur Ward said: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”


As a social being, it is impossible to ignore appeal of time and society. Closely associated with local bodies those  are cradle of area nourishment, augmentation of sports activities, like to work in the field of social construction, campaign against blind faith deeply interested in environmental issues and protection, promotion of free education to needy students.

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