Dr. Trishna Rajbongshi

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry

Email : rajbongshitrishna045@gmail.com
Phone: 95774-73640, 9101304692


Name : Dr. Trishna rajbongshi
Father : Babul Ch Rajbongshi
Mother : Late Jogamaya Rajbongshi
Gender : Female
Dateofbirth : 06-12-1991
Religion : Hinduism
Nationality : Indian
Currentstatus : Assistant professor, Department of Chemistry, Salbari College, Salbari, Baksa, BTR, Pin: 781318


Exam Passed  Year of Passing  Institution/Board
B.Sc2014B.Borooah College
M. Sc2016GauhatiUniversity
Ph. D2022GauhatiUniversity


Exam PassedYear of PassingClassInstitution/Board


  1. Secured first class second position in the final examination of M.Sc in Chemistry conducted by Gauhati University held in June, 2016.
  2. Awarded the third best poster in the NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY event organized by Gauhati University held in 28th February, 2017.


  1. Oral presentation in 2nd International Conference on “Crystal Engineering: From Molecule to Crystal, a Virtual Meeting”, 19 – 20 June 2020.
  2. Oral Presentation in National Seminar on EmergingTrendsinChemicalScience2020, 13-15February,2020in Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam.
  3. Poster presentation in “ORGANIX- 2018: An International Conference in Chemistry” held on 20-21st December 2018, Organized by department of Chemical Science, Tezpur University, Assam, India.
  4. Oral presentation in the National seminar on “Chemistry in Interdisciplinary Research” held on 9-10th November 2018, Organized by department of Chemistry, Nagaland University, Nagaland, India.
  5. Oral Presentation in National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Chemical Science 2018, 29 January, 2018 in Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam.
  6. Poster presentation in 20th CRSI-NSC 2017, February 3-5, 2017, Gauhati University, Assam.


  1. Rajbongshi, T.; Parakatawella, S.; Gogoi, D.; Deka, P.; Adassooriya, N. M.; Thakuria, R. Mechanochemical synthesis of urea•hydroxybenzoic acid cocrystal as sustained release nitrogen fertilizer, RSC Sustain., 2023, 1, 1416-1422.
  2. Rajbongshi, T.; Sarmah, K. K.; Das, S.; Deka P.; Saha, A.; Saha, B. K.; Puschmann, H.; Reddy,C. M.; Thakuria, R.Non-stoichiometric carbamazepine cocrystal hydrates of 3,4-/3,5- dihydroxybenzoic acids: coformer–water exchange, Chem. Commun. 2023, 59, 3902-3905.
  3. Rajbongshi, T.; Sarmah, K. K.; Ganduri, R.; Cherukuvada, S.; Arhangelskis, M.; Thakuria, R. Mechanosynthesis of Eutectics of Anti-Inflammatory Drug Ethenzamide –A Comparison with Analogous Cocrystals, Chem. Methods 2021, 1(9), 408–414. (Journal Cover Art)
  4. Sarmah, K. K.; Rajbongshi, T.; Bhuyan, A.; Thakuria, R. Effect of Solvent Polarity in Mechanochemistry: Preparation of Conglomerate vs. Racemate, Chem. Commun. 2019,55, 10900-10903.
  5. Rajbongshi, T.; Sarmah, K. K.; Sarkar, A.; Ganduri, R.; Cherukuvada, S.; Thakur, T. S.; Thakuria, R. Preparation of Pyrazinamide Eutectics versus Cocrystals Based on Supramolecular Synthon Variations, Cryst. Growth Des. 2018, 18, 6640-6651. (Emerging Investigator Award 2018)
  6. Sarmah, K. K.; Rajbongshi, T.; Bhowmick, S.; Thakuria, R. First-line antituberculousis drug Pyrazinamide: Its pharmaceutically relevant salt and cocrystals, Acta Crystallogr., Sect. B 2017, 73, 1007–1016. (Most read article)


  1. Rajbongshi T., Emerging researches in chemical sciences, Intermolecular interactions acting as supramolecular glue for designing different organic solid-state forms, 2024, ISBN: 978-93-90706-89-1
  2. Dutta A., Kumari R., Rajbongshi T., Sarma J., and Rajkhowa S. Waste management and resource recycling in the developing world, Biological methods for the treatment of industrial waste, 2023, ISBN: 978-0-323-90463-6
  3. Rajbongshi,T.Cocrystals:APathwayTowardsImprovedDrugProperties,Contemporary research in Chemistry, 2020, ISBN: 978-93-89840-85-8


I hereby declare that, all the above information are true and genuine in my belief.

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