Rochen Mochahary

Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

Email-, Phone.: 9365166402
Teaching Experience: 20 Years

Course & Papers Taught

CoursesPaper Titles
B.A (Hons) Philosophy: I, II, III, IV, V and VI SemesterLogic, Greek Philosophy Western Philosophy , Social and Political Philosophy, Text of Western Philosophy , Philosophy of Language.
B.A. (Regular), Philosophy: I, II, III, IV, V and VI SemesterLogic, Ethics, Western Philosophy, Indian Philosophy Greek Philosophy, Ethical Decision Making.

Publications of Books

Sl. No.Name of BookShort Story/ PoemYear
1.     2.     3.Sikhlani Kelenkari (Bodo)   Hor Gejerni Sawgari (Bodo)   Sal Dangfangni Gwgw Begor (Bodo)Short Story     Short Story     Poem (Collection of the Bodo poem Editor & Published)2005     2014       2019

Published Articles in Journals/ Books

  • Mahatma Gandhi and Environmental Ethics. Excellence in Education. A peer Reviewed Journal . Vol- IV ISSN No. 2320-7019 Jan- Dec. 2015
  • Need of  Philosophy of value Education in Modern Tends Purbay on Publication Satmile – 2018 ISBN – 978-93-872-63-73-4
  • Role of Shri Chhtrapati Shivaji Maharaj in National Building. An International Refered Peer Reviewed & indexed Quarterly Journal in Arts, Commerce, Education & Social Science ISI – 2277-8071 1st March 2021

Seminars Presented/ Participated

  • Presented various Papers on Philosophy In different Seminars conducted by different institutions / Universities in India.

Area of Interest

AcademicPolitics, Religions, Philosophical Knowledge
Non AcademicReading books, Planting Tree, Travelling

Any Other

  1. Co-ordinator of  KKHSOU Study centre, Salbari College

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