Dr. Priyanka Das

Assistant Professor & Head, Dept. of Physics

Email – daspriyanka1515@gmail.com
Phone – (+91)-8011225525

Personal Profile :

Date of Birth : 01/08/1992, Marital status : Unmarried
Nationality : Indian
Gender : Female
Hobbies : Swimming, Gardening

Research Interest:

Photonics, Nano-photonics, Smartphone-based Sensing, Opto-electronics

Employment History :

November 2023 – till dateAssistant Professor-I, Department of Physics, Salbari College,
Salbari., Assam, India
October 2022 – May 2023Assistant Professor (Contractual), Sibsagar College, Joysagar
(Autonomous), Assam India.
August 2017 – June 2018Assistant Professor (Contractual), Jorhat Institute of Science &
Technology, Jorhat, Assam India.
August 2015 – August 2017Assistant Professor (Contractual), Devi Charan Baruah Girls’
College, Jorhat, Assam India.

Education :

DegreeInstitutionYear of Passing
Ph.D., Tezpur University, Assam, India2018 – 2023Thesis title: Development of compact, user-friendly smartphone sensing for
detection and analysis of different environmental and agricultural parameters.
Supervisor: Prof. Pabitra Nath.
M.Sc. Physics, specialization: ElectronicsTezpur University2013 – 2015
B.SC. Physics (Honours)Dibrugarh University, Assam, India2010 – 2013
Intermediate +2 (Science)Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, India2008 – 2010
MatriculationSecondary Education Board of Assam, India2008

Awards and Achievements :

2011Anundoram Borooah Merit Award, Government of Assam.
2021Best Poster Presentation Award at National Conference Emerging Trends in Physics
(NCETP), Dept. of Physics, Tezpur University.
2022Best Oral Presentation Award at inSCIgnis-One Day National Symposium, Dept.
of Physics, Tezpur University.
2024Promising Young Female Scientist a Fourth International Conference on Material
Science (ICMS-2024), Dept. of Physics, Tripura University.

Skills :

LanguagesReading, writing and speaking competencies for English, Assamese, Hindi.
CodingC, C++, LATEX
Misc.Academic research, teaching, LATEX typesetting

    Workshops & Conferences Attended :

    2021Poster presentation entitled “Smartphone based colorimetric analyzer for detection
    of phosphate in water.” at International conference on Trends in Modern Physics
    , Assam Don Bosco University, India. (online)
    2021Poster presentation entitled “Smartphone based photometric sensor for detection of
    nitrite level in water” at National Conference on Emerging Trends in Physics
    , Dept. of Physics, Tezpur University. (Best poster presentation award)
    2021Poster presentation entitled “Applications of Smartphone Camera-based Sensing Platform for Environmental Monitoring.” At International Conference on Advances in Physics and its Applications (APA),Duliajan College, Assam. (online)
    2022Oral presentation entitled “Carbon Nanodot-Based Photometric Estimation of Trace
    Nitrite in Water using Smartphone” at inSCIgnis-One Day National Symposium, Dept.
    of Physics, Tezpur University. (Best oral presentation award).
    2022Oral presentation entitled “Smartphone-Based Sensing Platform for Quantitative
    Estimation of Trace Nitrite Using Fluorescent Carbon Nano-dots.” at National
    Conference on Emerging Trends in Material Science (NCETMS)
    ,Dept. of Physics,
    Tezpur University.
    2024Poster presentation entitled “Advanced Innovative Smartphone-based Sensing Tools for Environmental Monitoring” at Fourth International Conference on Material
    Science (ICMS-2024)
    , Dept. of Physics, Tripura University. (Promising Young
    Female Scientist Award).

    Teaching Experience :

    Assisted in guiding 3 M.Sc. students in their thesis work. Teaching
    experience in the following courses at different institutions:

    1. Physics major courses for B.Sc. students.
    2. Electronics special paper for M.Sc. students.
    3. Introductory Physics Lab for B.Tech and B.Sc. students.
    4. Thermodynamics for B.Tech. students.

    Research Publications :

    • Accepted/Published Journal Articles
      1. Dutta, S., Saikia, G. P., Sarma, D. J., Gupta, K., Das, P., & Nath, P.Protein, enzyme and carbohydrate quantification using smartphone through colorimetric digitization technique. Journal of biophotonics, 10(5), 623-633, 2017.
      2. Das, P., Paul, S., Bhattacharya, S. S., & Nath, P. Smartphone-based spectrometric analyzer for accurate estimation of pH value in soil. IEEE Sensors Journal, 21(3): 2839-2845, 2020.
      3. Das, P., Chetry, B., Paul, S., Bhattacharya, S. S., & Nath, P. Detection and quantification of phosphate in water and soil using a smartphone. Microchemical Journal, 172: 106949, 2021.
      4. Das, P., Biswas, S., Bhattacharya, S. S., & Nath, P. Carbon Nanodot–Neutral Red-Based Photometric and Fluorescence Sensing for Trace Detection of Nitrite in Water and Soil Using Smartphone. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5(3): 3265-3274, 2022.
      5. Rabha, D., Biswas, S., Hatiboruah, D., Das, P., Rather, M. A. and Mandal, M., & Nath, P. An affordable, handheld multimodal microscopic system with onboard cell morphology and counting features on a mobile device. Analyst, 2022.
      6. Das, P., Pegu, R., Bhattacharya, S. S., & Nath, P. Fluorescence based sensing for accurate estimation of chlorophyll in tea leaves using a smartphone. IEEE Sensors Journal, 23(13): 14864 – 14871, 2023.

    Conference Proceedings :

    1. Das, P., Chetry B., & Nath, P. Smartphone-Based Colorimetric Analyzer for Detection of Phosphate in Water. Selected Progresses in Modern Physics, Springer, 327-335, 2021.
    2. Das, P., & Nath, P. Smartphone-Based Photometric Detection of Nitrite Level in Water. 2022 Workshop on Recent Advances in Photonics (WRAP), IEEE, 1-2, 2022.

    Book Chapters :

    1. Das, P. & Nath, P. UV-Visible Spectroscopy and its Application in Quantitative Analysis. Frontiers in Basics Physics and Applications, 2: 26-31, ISBN: 978-81-948719-3-4.
    2. Das, P., Hatibaruah, D., & Nath, P. Applications of Smartphone Camera-based Sensing Platform for Environmental Monitoring. Advances in Physics and its Applications, 2: 73- 79, ISBN: 978-93-91953-55-3.

    Declaration :

    I hereby declare that the information in this curriculum vitae and additional particulars furnished is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

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